Tick, Tick, Tick… Tick!

Tick tick tick tick! And that’s only the ones that we’ve found….

DSC_5400But, as ever, when you’re walking about in the countryside the level of insect menace varys.

Just for the record, I would prefer to be covered in slightly battered, blue butterflies when I get home than some tiny little vicious blood suckers!



Manual 365/260 ,

The Comma Butterfly, it saved me from breaking and entering a derelict pub! (there was an open window so it might have been downgraded to loitering with intent or just being too fat to fit but now I’ll never know)DSC_4965.jpgThe other thing I didn’t know was about this wonderful butterfly. During the year, two adults emerge, one to breed and one to hibernate, the later has darker underwings to mimic fallen leafs to help them survive the winter but they both have the distinctive wing shape which I must admit, I’ve never seen before and this fellow was kind enough to show me.dsc_4963

Sleep tight Fella!

And Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/135 The Bloody Obvious…

The deer was a mistake, interesting but a mistake all the same, so today, a little walk out with the kids and the aptly named…

Orange Tip DSC_0144.jpg

And Bumble Bee

The weather’s been great and the wild garlic makes the woodlands smell like the best kitchen in the world and now I’m back off up Zeals Knoll for the Golden Hour!

Peace peeps! x