Raw in Root and Petal..


All this beauty has a purpose and it’s not to make some gormless photographer feel all fluffy (it does though). There’s a real time battle going on, the Bluebells have exploited the leafless trees and carpeted the woodland floor soaking up the available sun , in some places a natural monocrop often with the Wild Garlic so technically a  duocrop… But now, the trees are in full foliage and in the dropping light there’s a definite powershift happening, Ferns, who are more than happy to be in the shade, will take over shortly. Together with the bramble and the nettle (triocrop?) Not as emotionally engaging as the blue and the white but interesting all the same.

But, there still is the occasional optimist which should make everyone happy!


In The Words Of The Not Late, But Still Great Justin Hawkins…


“Don’t let the bells end…” and a touch of Darkness! (See what I did there? No, oh well never mind.)

I’m back on the Isle of Wight and have been lucky enough to stumble across a lovely little hollow in Godshill with high banks covered in bluebells beautifully lit by the late afternoon sun against the darkness of the hollow…. Great stuff! ;o)


Now, rather than sit in my hotel room procrastinating, I’m off to bed early with every intention of getting up at silly o’clock to see if I can do something with the Milky Way…

Goodnight and stay tuned! X

No Apologies…


We in the UK do like a spectacle if it snows the internets runs out of white and at the moment I bet there one hell of a shortage of purple and green.

Spring has well and truly sprung… Apart from the bloody freezing cold wind and the Bluebells are looking amazing.

Bluebells do hold a very special place in my heart and the season is oh so short so I’ll hope you forgive my little indulgence. I cracked out the Nifty 50 for these shots and at f/1.8 I’m loving the Bokeh!


I Measure My Time In Bluebells


We in the UK are lucky to have the highest density of Bluebells in the world and many of my Springtime memories are of wandering through beautiful woodlands carpeted with purple / blue (delete as applicable)

I’m so lucky to live in an area strewn with ancient woodland, the best habitat for Bluebells, but also most of the best woods are off the beaten trail and normally quiet apart from the woodpeckers, birdsong and the occasional dog walker.


These images were taken this morning in a small wood in the village I grew up in and, 40 years on it’s almost exactly the same as I remember it.

If You’re Going To Stand Out From The Crowd… Shine!

DSC_3180We are so lucky in this part of the world! I only found out tonight that the UK’s ancient woodland contains half the worlds population of Bluebells and most woodlands date back to at least the 1600’s. To quote the BBC’s Earths Seasonal Secrets “Scenes like this happen nowhere else on earth.”

All I know is this, I remember my childhood walks through this wood and it gladdens my heart that I can return to this place of such fond memories and every spring the Bluebells return and the memories flood back.

I measure the years I have left in the numbers of springs that I will be able to see the carpet of blue (or purple depending on your point of view) and be it 10 or be it a hundred it will never be enough.

This post is dedicated to Ronnie and her parents Mr and Mrs Riddick.

Peace Peeps! XXX

Manual 365/126 Start, Middle And End…

This morning at Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes

The WillowDSC_0004.jpg

This afternoon just outside Horsham

A Different Kind Of GreenDSC_0018.jpg

And early evening in the New Forest

She Blinked!DSC_0027.jpg

And now home with the camera tucked safely away!

Peace Peeps! x