Tick, Tick, Tick… Tick!

Tick tick tick tick! And that’s only the ones that we’ve found….

DSC_5400But, as ever, when you’re walking about in the countryside the level of insect menace varys.

Just for the record, I would prefer to be covered in slightly battered, blue butterflies when I get home than some tiny little vicious blood suckers!



Blue Hour Overtime

Sometimes working late brings unexpected bonuses…DSC_0765-PanoEven with the sunset the views from the office carpark looking west aren’t the most spectacular and, to be honest, normally the view east is quite humdrum too but a combination of reflected sky and trees in the upper floor windows, the symmetry in the old RAF building and the bluest blue hour we’ve had for a while kinda works in my mind… Apart from the white lines in the foreground… they’re a real OCD buster but I work in road resurfacing and if anyone’s going to bugger it up, it’ll be the liners!… Sorry Bob but you know it’s true!

Manual 365/286 I Did A Photoshop!

Well, this is a bit different, normally, I would have got my shot, done the necessary post in Lightroom (All my shots have at least some editing due to shooting solely in RAW format) and then sat for an hour or two staring at the keyboard wondering what the hell to write. Well, tonight’s a little different.

dsc_7894-editI’ve actually ventured into Photoshop without the aid of a Youtube video and made a picture! (Cue the balloons and trumpets please…) I’ve stacked 102 quarter of a second exposures (that took up the normal keyboard staring 2 hours)  which eventually equated to a 25 and a half second exposure of the clouds and moon above Mere Down this evening into one image, the moon was blurred so I imported the blurred image and one of the 102 back into Photoshop as layers, created a layer mask on one of the originals and painted the sharp moon through. Not one of my best shots but believe me, it’s a milestone!

One of the 102dsc_7894And you’d be surprised how far the Moon moves in less than half a minute!mean

Peace Peeps!x

Manual 365/187 Hey There, Mr Blue…


What a contrast from yesterdays shot and I know the picture looks a little fake but I can promise that all I’ve done is edit in Silver Efex Pro to take the colour from the church and add some structure then I’ve used  the selective control points to re-introduced the colour to the sky…. That blue, clear cloudless sky… Right, Thanks for that weather, now let’s have some fluffy clouds please! ;o)

The church is St Michael’s in Mere, Wiltshire.

Peace Peeps! x