Manual 365/359 Peace And Goodwill To All…

Apart from the Red Kite who’d caught one of their mates…dsc_6487He was not going to get left alone to enjoy his meal…dsc_6481dsc_6480DSC_6483.JPGNot very Christmasy but I couldn’t pass up on this drama opposite Tescos in Cadigan earlier this afternoon. I’ll post something nice later though.

Peace Peeps! x


Manual More! I Could Murder A Better Dongle!

DSC_3293.JPGNow, I’m starting to wonder if these crows know something I don’t, it could well be the electromagnetic effect as the current buzzes across the insulators creating an attraction, seems strange that the two nearest poles are busy. Or, I would hazard a guess, that this is one Murder and the wifi is better closer to the source. Whatever the phenomenon is I bet their signal is better than mine at the moment! #firstworld(soddingdongle)problems

And I’m not going to do a third blog (See the hashtag above) but I am going to say…DSC_3287-Edit-Edit.JPGThere are no mince pies here Waitrose, just the fight for sex and food!…. Maybe you could use that for your easter campaign?

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/157 Free Burd Baff…

If we lived in Gary Larson World the title of tonights’ blog would have been scrawled, child like on a notice hammered into the lawn out front, just on the off chance that the starling parents raising their second brood in our attic fancied taking a break from their relentless grub hunt and decided to grad a dip. Fortunately for them they didn’t. Even though they looked like that’s the thing they needed the most.


And the would be writer of the sign? Well, that would have been Drizzle, our cat.

DSC_1110.jpgDSC_1109.jpgBut he did have some competition from the neighbours mog, Caramel.DSC_1115.jpgIt’s great to travel, either across the country or even just a few miles on foot but sometimes it’s just nice to sit and relax in the most familiar of surroundings and take in the things that happen every day that maybe you don’t notice!

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/141 It’s A Male Thing…

C19H28O2 Otherwise known as Testosterone, turning grass into muscle and Robins into scrappers for millions of years…
DSC_0013-Edit.jpgDSC_0012-Edit.jpgI was always under the impression that if you were going to put a bull in a field you put him in on his own or you put him in with two other bulls what you never do is just put two bulls into a field because they’ll scrap and two tonnes of grumpy, competing  bull can cause quite a bit of damage both to themselves and the county they’re in. These fellas seemed to be getting on just fine and I only counted the two and me and they weren’t at all uncomfortable…. I made my excuses and left though…

Meanwhile a little further down the road this little bugger had been scrapping. DSC_0036.jpgHis challenger was nowhere to been seen and could well have been lying dead close by, Robins can be nasty like that. Just after I took the shot he burst into song, I would guess to re-establish his authority over his little corner of the world.

Isn’t chemistry wonderful?

Peace Peeps! x