52 Faces… Charlotte


Landscapes are easy, they just present themselves and I wait for the light or lack of… So technically the sun, moon, clouds are in charge and I just stand there like a numpty with a camera…

People on the other hand, the photographer might think they’re in control, they’re not. It’s all about the model. I’m just a numpty with the camera… Thank you again Charlotte (I think I’ve said that way too much over the last week) Points noted and lessons learnt!



It’s a hard word and I have no excuses so I won’t bother trying.


Sorry I haven’t been about folks. I do have every intention of including my blog more in my everyday life which I’ll admit has been fairly busy recently (see, the excuses had to start) But, there have been some developments.

I am now one of the founding members of the Mere Photography Collective (aka Meretogs) A small local collection of photographers who will being meeting in the pub and sharing their knowledge, experience and tips over a couple of beers!

I am also honoured to be featured on The Ink Pot Online Gallery a great little charity that enables disadvantaged and upcoming artists to get their work out there. Feel free to fill your carts Peeps! ;o)

And also, still taking photos… And that’s the important bit! ;O0


Peace you beautiful people! xxx

Manual 365/278 Humbled…

A very good friend and supporter of what I’m doing offered, last year, to model for me… It’s taken me this long to actually build up the courage to take her up on the offer. She has featured in my blog before but in a more formal setting and where me fumbling with my camera filled up most of the time.

We had more time this time… and wine! ;o) And, what better setting for an artist that brings life back into old wood that a 1000 year old oak.dsc_6509Judge Wyndham could well be spinning in his grave but, hey, who cares! dsc_6516-editThank you so much Tanya, for your support and for allowing me to capture you on this beautifully still evening! dsc_6492

You can find Tanya amazing work here

And more shots from the shoot here

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/240 The Bride

Quick one this morning as we have a long day ahead.DSC_0891-Edit.jpgAnother shot from Claire and Matts wedding, a candid shot from the dance floor that popped in Silver Efex Pro 2 and changed from a badly shot dance floor shot into, in my opinion, something special. Thanks again Guys for a great night.

Right, off to Aber Porth and a week of family, seaside, sun and shots!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/234 Confidence…

Confidence is a strange thing, the one thing that I’m not confident about is managing a situation where I’m trying to get a shot of someone under my direction and getting the shot right and I know that’s something, if I want to take this to another level, I need to master. This weekend has enabled me to take a step in the right direction.

Simon on Friday and a shot out of the blue. Freddy, yesterday which, while planned and unpredictable was still amazing and then today…

DSC_0081.jpgJess wanted some shots for her massaging business and after some stumbling, it worked! And Jess was kind enough to let me indulge in some  portrait shots afterwards.

DSC_0132-2.jpgBut alas, work follows pleasure… (actually it proceeded it but I’m not one for being pedantic…) DSC_0068-Edit-2.jpgDSC_0026-Edit.jpg

Jessie and Kiran, you’ve both boosted my confidence well beyond my expectations, and for that I thank you!

And for the rest of you, expect to see lots and lots of other people here in the future…

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/206 Plagiarism

DSC_7047-Edit.jpgArt imitating beauty or beauty intimidating art?

I have no idea… I’m just a photographer cataloging moments! ;o)


Whenever I shoot other peoples work I always feel like I’m cheating, all those hours and hours of effort and I catch it in a 320th of a second. I will always be in awe and always respect and always, always thank you!

Upfest, You were spectacular!  Thank you!x


Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/73 This Blog Is Dedicated To…

My Daughter, Kayleigh, it’s her thirteenth birthday today and I just want to be a doting dad for a minute of two.


She started smiling at about 2 weeks old and (even though she disagrees) hasn’t stopped since. Her beauty, talent, tolerance, understanding and leftfieldness is beyond words. When she laughs, which is often, you can’t help but laugh with her. And when she’s sad my heart breaks for her. This middle aged grumpy dad couldn’t be prouder! Happy Birthday Kayleigh! Loves Ya! xxx

DSC_3735.jpgDSC_3761.jpgDSC_3710.jpg(Practicing the “Standard Teenage Attitude Look” ©Me 1984)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/22 Portrait Tip: Use Statues

Driving as much as I do I know that lapses of concentration can be dangerous have massive consequences.  So, as I passed the junction for the A34 on the M4 in the fast lane at (Coughs) 70mph I remembered I actually wanted to go home via Hungerford and the old A4 so that was fine.

Last nights’ little episode has been logged and filed and will fade into a story / lesson. The sun had finally made an appearance and all was good with the Friday afternoon world. And as I dropped into Hungerford I remembered the yard that greets you as you hit the roundabout and turn right for the A4 and sure enough, it’s still there.

A tentative step into The Barn saw me seeking permission to take some pictures from a young lady with a huge smile, she explained that the guy I need to speak with is across the yard and directs me across to the old rail carriage that is the office, to speak to the owner…

“May I?” I ask of the Owner, “Of Course.” He replies…

And I spend the next half an hour practicing portrait shots on statues and finding a “Grim Corner” that puts mine to shame! (The drunk mouse did it for me!)

Thank you, Mr Nettleton, I will be recommending you to anyone I know who would like to add that little (or massive) feature to their garden.





DSC_3466 (2).JPG


The CornerDSC_3426.JPG

And there’s even beauty in the tiny…DSC_3497

And last but most definitely not least, our favourite (whole family agrees).

Warming SunDSC_3533



Thanks again to Travers Nettleton at Garden Art, You can visit their website by clicking the following link:


Their address is:

Barrs Yard, Bath Road, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0HE

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