I drive through Bath regularly but I’ll be honest, I’ve never really walked around Bath, but today I managed to grab an hour on my way home from work and… and wow! Ok, there’s a lot to be said about Gentrification but Bath’s been doing it for the last couple of thousand years so I’ll let it off and it’s a great place to start out with Street photography which, at the best of times can be challenging and daunting. I’d put in the same category as Glastonbury and that’s a great place to be.

I’ve got a Street Photography workshop coming up at the end of April in Bristol, just a stones throw away but, believe me, it’ll be a different world! I can’t wait!


(I’m still getting used to the distortion with my Sigma 24 -105mm and a panorama like this just accentuates it but this shot I like!)

And, as I write this post “Brilliant Mind” starts playing… How good is that? ;o)



35 x 35 Convert…

DSC_8877Before I took up photography to the point where I shoot every day Spring was my favourite season. Now, when I’m constantly looking for the image, Autumn has pretty much tea-bagged spring and is blowing raspberries in its face as it lies sprawled in the gutter… (Forgive the colourful metaphors, I’ve been listening to Terry Pratchett over the last few days) Now, I’m going to enjoy the scenery before winter slaps its grey flannel over everything. That’s when I get to work on my excuses for getting all excited for Spring! ;o)

Manual 365/350…

dsc_9643-edit-editToday has been a wall, I manage to get a total of zero shots and I’ve been sat staring at my keyboard for the last 2 hours with no photo and no clue what to write. Now it’s got to 20 to midnight and I’m buggered if I’m going to have a blank space this close to the end so I’ve revisited one of my favourite shots and added a bit of retro in Analog Effex . I do keep meaning to go back to this place and take a little more time and make a little bit more of an effort to get everything right. But, in the meantime, Solsbury Hill in Bath… Again! ;o)

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/298 Grab Your Things, I’m Going To Take You Home…

Solsbury Hill.jpgSolsbury Hill, Bath, inspiration for one of the greatest songs ever written. I think it’s changed slightly from when Peter had his “spiritual” (watch the video… Sprouts! WTF!!!) moment…

And what’s worse is now I’ve got to watch Sledgehammer … and Big Time if you don’t know them, go have a look. A great example of stop motion 80s class!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/165 Isambards’ Box!

I knew that the traffic in Bath this evening was going to be a bit of a bugger so I shot off the long, but quicker route, unless you stop to get some shots that is…

I’ve been meaning to get some distant shots of Box Tunnel for months now and tonight the light wasn’t too bad although the sky could have been better but the opportunity to stop safely and take a bit of time was there so…

DSC_2850.jpg And there it is, or so I thought but on closer inspection when I got home and actually studied the photo I realised I had got a shot of the entrance to a much smaller tunnel on the lead into Box tunnel which can been seen, just, above and to the left of what I will now call Plastic Bag Tunnel. Oh, and it’s not true that the sun shines directly through the tunnel every year on the 9th April, Mr Kingdom Brunels’ birthday. That said he was still a very clever bloke…

And, just for the sake of it, here’s a cheese shop in Bradford On Avon.


Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/133 Oolitic?… No fhit!

I love Bath, I always have. Years ago we used to have weekly shopping trips to Frome or Warminster but on special occasions we used to got to Bath. The shape, structure and colour of the buildings always fascinated me, even as a young lad and today I found the tomb of the guy responsible for shaping the Free Stone of the city.

And I Thought My Felling Was Fhite…DSC_0021-Edit.jpgRalph Allen, have a read up on him here

He currently resides beside St Mary The Virgin Church in Claverton.


And, for the record I do know about the particularities of Old English… The difference between a soft fhit and a hard Fhite! ;o)

Just on a personal note, my job is in the process of changing and I will now be frequenting my home county of Wiltshire so much more and really delving into the nooks and crannies of the county so the blog is probably going to take on a more West Country feel. I hope my small but loyal Likers, Commenters and Interacters won’t mind too much.

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/112 A Nod To Ma’am

As the UK goes all “I remember when” and “Back in the day.” as another year passes without the Queen expiring and Prince Charles mumbling “Blast!” repeatedly under his breath I thought I’d go all vintage for tonight’s blog.

I got tonight’s first shot as I climbed out of Bath on the Warminster road on my way home from work. I’ve often looked across from this vantage point and pondered the different shots.

Town, Church and CountryDSC_3035-Edit.jpg

And then a brief visit to Iford, quite an interesting little hamlet in the River Frome valley. I will be going back there in the late spring / early summer to have a look around the gardens.

To Thee Belongs The Rural ReignDSC_3048_HDR-Edit.jpg

The Road AheadDSC_3052_HDR

All of todays’ shots have been edited in the… Wait for it… Nik Collection, HDR Efex Pro2 and Silver Efex Pro2.

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Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/18 Colour On The Cut

CSC_3272 (2).JPG

My god, how bloody hard is it to find something, anything, colourful at this time of year! A featureless grey sky and damp greens and browns! Thank god for the canal! These weren’t the prettiest of boats but I like the used, lived in feel that slight imperfections create.

I’ve used the built in editor on the camera to highlight the reds and blues and then converted to black and white. Nice little touch me thinks. The picture has been cropped slightly because of some pesky reeds on the right hand side that are insisting they’re red… They’re not, they’re brown.

The boats were on the Kennet and Avon Canal in Claverton  The road down is narrow and there is nowhere to turn and reversing out onto the Bath Road is a bit of a bugger…. That I found out!

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