Manual 365/248 What?!?

“More Seascapes!!!” I hear you cry! DSC_1561-Pano-EditFraid so Peeps, been a lazy, lazy day looking through some of my shots from the last week and having a pano fest! I loved the colour from yesterday morning but my other love is moody skies in black and white, so… I’m indulging myself one last time before I go back to work. I hope you don’t mind!DSC_1567-Pano-EditDSC_1644-Pano-Edit.jpg

I have put, what I consider my best shots from Aber Porth into an album on 500px, take a look and you can see a lot of my other work on this site too. Go look, see! ;o)

Peace peeps! xxx

P.S. Graham is still set to complete his JOGLE tomorrow,an amazing feat! There’s still plenty of time to donate.


Manual 365/48 Start, Middle and Now The End

Tonight is the last night of my holiday, back to the world of the working tomorrow and what joy that brings me… (I’m joking)

I’ve revisited some of the pictures taken over then last few weeks and I’m going to use them tonight.









Oh, how far away does that all seem now, but, chin up! Let’s see what tomorrow brings! ;o)

See you all tomorrow.

Peace Peeps!