Conditions… Changeable!



What’s not to love!


35 x 35 Convert…

DSC_8877Before I took up photography to the point where I shoot every day Spring was my favourite season. Now, when I’m constantly looking for the image, Autumn has pretty much tea-bagged spring and is blowing raspberries in its face as it lies sprawled in the gutter… (Forgive the colourful metaphors, I’ve been listening to Terry Pratchett over the last few days) Now, I’m going to enjoy the scenery before winter slaps its grey flannel over everything. That’s when I get to work on my excuses for getting all excited for Spring! ;o)

Manual 365/351 Stuck!

It’s happened again, at no point today did I feel the need to pick up the camera. It was my last day of work before the Xmas break which will involve midwinter spent on the West Coast of Wales so I do have some hope for the rest of the challenge, be prepared for long exposures and moody waves! In the meantime, today’s shot is an edit of something I passed over at the beginning of November…dsc_0294-pano-editOh, and any tips on weather sealing a D3300 will be greatly appreciated!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/3-2-1 Dusty Bin!

Ted Rogers told me to “F*ck off!” once, I suppose the catch phrase / flick of the wrist he perfected for the 1980’s gameshow where they gave away a dustbin had worn a bit thin by the late 90’s and especially when it’s done badly by some lanky tosspot outside Somerfields in Petersfield on a rainy Saturday afternoon… Anyway, I digress…

dsc_1538-editFocus stacking… :o) Get me eh?

I know, it’s not perfect, it’s my first attempt. Using all of my extension tubes, a tripod and bouncing my off camera flash off the ceiling I got three shots with tiny depths of field and blended together in photoshop. And, let’s be honest, I can only get better! ;o) Set up was…img_2112Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/306 Your Mama Was A Leaf Blower!

dsc_0290-pano I often wondered what Autumn was going to be like for the blog, would I be able to resist the colours, the fallen brown carpet, the misty moody (and so much more tolerable) golden hours? And the truth is, nope, I just can’t resist. Sorry Spring, step aside! *whispers* but in about 5 months time I’m going to be so desperate for you! 

Peace Peeps! x