Blue Hour Overtime

Sometimes working late brings unexpected bonuses…DSC_0765-PanoEven with the sunset the views from the office carpark looking west aren’t the most spectacular and, to be honest, normally the view east is quite humdrum too but a combination of reflected sky and trees in the upper floor windows, the symmetry in the old RAF building and the bluest blue hour we’ve had for a while kinda works in my mind… Apart from the white lines in the foreground… they’re a real OCD buster but I work in road resurfacing and if anyone’s going to bugger it up, it’ll be the liners!… Sorry Bob but you know it’s true!

From Fairytale to Horror Story

dsc_8443-pano-editI’m getting lazy!

Problem is, when you’ve got so many wonderful locations just a couple of minutes away, lazy is tooo easy!

dsc_8431-editWell, I’m going to snap out of it! There’s a new month approaching fast and another birthday just over the horizon which will involve a nifty 50 (the lens, not my age, though I’m getting closer!!!) and me trying to develop my photography further. I love landscapes but, and I’ll whisper this, Landscapes are easy! Shhh!

I want to start telling stories and the best way to do that is to become involved and there’s no easier way to become involved than fitting a prime lens and zooming with your feet.

Fun times ahead! ;o)

Manual 365/ More: Dear Mr Photographer…

…It’s just a photo of you, taking a photo of me, taking a photo of you…

But I have two things to tell you:

One, My view was better and two…dsc_2267-editTell that grumpy bugger to your right to lighten up! dsc_2267-edit-2

Oh, and three, my view’s definitely better than yours! DSC_2312-Pano.JPG And you now know that I’ve got to trawl Instagram to try and find the picture he took!…. (If you find it let me know, it’ll be of a long haired hippy hanging about in a posh churchyard… Looking smug! ;o))

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/263.5 Chin Up Fella!

Ok, apologise for the last blog, feeling a bit grumpy, (that’s the description used for sad middle aged “I’m ok” type of me!) But I recognise I need to drag me limply back to the norm and what better way of doing that than looking back through some of my old shots and firing up my favourite editing suit (Nik collection, Silver Efex Pro2 I do so love you!) so, Wilton Church it is, not for the religious connotations more like, bloody hell, that’s an impressive building kind of feeling!

dsc_4409-editI promise to start shooting again tomorrow!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 265/214 Broken In The Middle!

Sometimes it just doesn’t work…DSC_7569-Pano-Edit-EditMaybe I should have moved a traffic cone, or waited until the scaffold went all the way across or even make sure that the two gert thick cables holding up the center of the Severn bridge actually joined up… Oh well, little details! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/213.5 The Motorway Footpath

A group of lads cycling across the Severn Bridge asked the hung over photographer to get a shot of them with their phones so he took the opportunity to get a panorama too. Cheers Fellas!DSC_7564-Pano-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps!