In The Words Of The Not Late, But Still Great Justin Hawkins…


“Don’t let the bells end…” and a touch of Darkness! (See what I did there? No, oh well never mind.)

I’m back on the Isle of Wight and have been lucky enough to stumble across a lovely little hollow in Godshill with high banks covered in bluebells beautifully lit by the late afternoon sun against the darkness of the hollow…. Great stuff! ;o)


Now, rather than sit in my hotel room procrastinating, I’m off to bed early with every intention of getting up at silly o’clock to see if I can do something with the Milky Way…

Goodnight and stay tuned! X


Manual 365/306 Your Mama Was A Leaf Blower!

dsc_0290-pano I often wondered what Autumn was going to be like for the blog, would I be able to resist the colours, the fallen brown carpet, the misty moody (and so much more tolerable) golden hours? And the truth is, nope, I just can’t resist. Sorry Spring, step aside! *whispers* but in about 5 months time I’m going to be so desperate for you! 

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/246.5 The Curse Of The Winkle Eyed Frog…

DSC_4156I just couldn’t do it… I could not remain, sat on my arse, beer in hand while the world decided that actually, the cloud was going to clear and the sunset would be a good one. The option of driving had evaporated about 5 cans ago so, a last walk with the boy along the coastal path and a couple of well placed fishermen would have to suffice.

This is not an obsession! This is the curse of the Winkle Eyed Frog…DSC_2804-Edit

Don’t have nightmares Peeps! xxx