The Gentle Nudge

DSC_4782-PanoWe plant them in rows, chaos will do the rest.DSC_4797.jpg



I am so sat here with “writers block” I have been for the last couple of months. I’ve taken all I’ve learnt in regards to photography and battered the buggery out of it but I have neglected all that I learnt from posting every day and delving into that dull grey matter that is my frontal cortex to come up with some bullshite to accompany a pretty (and, on the whole they were pretty) picture.

I am, and I’ll fully admit it, lazy. I can and do post to Facebook and get a couple of likes, I’ll post to Instagram and get a couple tenfold, (Twitter’s a sod but I’ll keep trying)  but that’s just a fleeting image, forgotten tomorrow, forgotten in a minute.

The blog on the other hand, while not satisfying my social media cravings, does require some kind of thinking further than editing in Lightroom (Ok, I know there are those who would edit the funk out of this #removethetext) But I need to say that my journey is continuing…. And getting better….

And, to those who are here, to those that have been here, I thank you.

The Flick


For Roland and his family

Purple Hour…

DSC_1376.jpgWell, I say hour, it was more like 30 seconds so this was the best I could do… And for the doubters among you… Here’s the file SOC…

DSC_1376-2.jpgI shoot RAW so I do need to edit in Lightroom but honestly, I’ve never seen light like this before. We do have an Ex hurricane on it’s way (hence me up Stourhead before the trees get stripped of all their leaves) and the weather was, to be honest, unseasonable due to the weather system dragging warm weather up from Spain. Tomorrow should be interesting! ;o)

35×35 It won’t hurt… Much

DSC_10000 (77)I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had in the back garden with a few balloons, some tepid water and a willing participant. That stories over on my other platforms. (just search focalthingy and you’ll find me)

Here, I wanted to deal with a few technical details. I love off camera flash (OCF) the effects you can get are subtle, effective and they just add to an image,

Take the shot above, If I’d had the flash mounted on the camera rather than behind, below and to the right of the subject there wouldn’t have been the shadow on the end of the pin, the hand would have been washed out and the flash reflection on the balloon would’ve been on the front bouncing straight back into the camera. there are still a couple areas of improvement, namely the highlights on each side of the balloon but I can live with that. But I just can help going back to the pin… Really happy with this image! ;o)

And a massive shout out to my son Reece for all his help…DSC_10000 (93)Good job Son, good job! xxx

35×35 The Silent Goose Step

DSC_9742.jpgThere’s room for your Coke so enjoy the ride…

I had no idea when I took this shot it would have this effect it has but it did, it’s almost mechanical. It’s just a small independent cinema in Salisbury but it screams to me, take a seat, make yourself comfortable and listen to us…. Now, change your mind!

Down that route lies ruin. We know that, we need to remember that.

And, because I can’t stop thinking about it… My lunch tomorrowDSC_9915-Edit