Murmuration of Leaf…


I knew that this was going to be beautiful.

It’s just a small spot on a river on the outskirts of Salisbury but as the water passes beneath a bridge cause a “calm” area where, to the normal passage of time, the water looks almost still. A series of 17 shots  3 seconds apart and then blended in photoshop illustrate that it’s anything but…


For George



Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what I want to say which, to be honest isn’t great for someone who brags about being a blogger but sometimes the subject deserves so much more eloquence and consideration than I am capable of.

I’d like to think that my image will make up for my lacking in words and maybe, somewhere, someone, will think of this before coming to their own conclusions.

George McKenzie Samson 7th January 1889 – 28th February 1923

White Horses Project #2 Alton Barnes, Swinging Jack…


A local farmer, Robert Pile, commissioned the cutting of this white horse back in 1812 and paid the handsome fee of 20 quid to a fella named Jack The Painter, aka John Thorne a Journeyman Inn Sign Painter, who in turn sub-contracted the work to a local lad, John Harvey and then proceeded to bugger off with the cash.

Unfortunately for Jack, this was a regular occurrence and 19th century justice caught up with him and he was later hanged for a series of similar crimes.

Fortunately we live in more enlightened times and the “vandals” who adorned the horse with “an extra limb” or, and I’m quoting the Wiki page, “turned the horse into a stallion” would have got off slightly lighter if they were ever caught.

Please, head over to the wikipedia page for this horse for load more details and I know for a fact that I’m going to be digging a bit deeper, deeper than Jack ever did, for the stories with this horse.

White Horses Project #1 Cherhill from Mile Elm

Because, you know, I’m so good at keeping up with my existing projects I really need another project… 365 Faces is ongoing and it will be, no matter what, 365 faces. It might take me a year or seven but I will get there in the end.

This project on the other hand has been rattling about in the head for a while now and originally I was thinking about utilising a film camera that I’ve acquired which, to be honest, I might still do, as the project progresses.

The aim of the project is to-

Photograph all eight remaining white horses in Wiltshire.

“Piece of piss!” You might think and I would agree so I want to take it that little bit further, I’m not going to park in the recommended parking spots or stand my tripod in the three holes worn by a multitude of photographers who’ve stood there before me.

The White Horses are a focal point but not the whole story. I’m going to try to encompass the horses come rain or shine and also involve the wider environment. I’m also going to locate the further 5 horses that have grown over and see what they have to offer.


This is going to be fun.



Take a club, not a seat…

Oh dear, I reached the point of image saturation, that moment where the bits required on the external drives outweigh the pennies in my pocket so now I’ve got to carry out the dreaded cull… But, as I look through every day from 2016… I remember!

So he takes a seat, like a dad clearing out 40 years of memories from the loft and procrastinates like a pro!


I think I’ll do it tomorrow…