It’s the little things… Jupiter!


I need help. The image above is one of the shots I got last night, at first I thought it was a strange lens flare from the moon but the more I looked at it I realised it’s Jupiter which, with the naked eye, was a small bright star at twenty past the moon.

Now, here’s the complicated bit, This photo was taken on a tripod, 1 second exposure, f./4.0, ISO500

The aperture being that wide would introduce bokeh, which would explain the size of  the planet…. (in the photo, not the universe, that’s down to magic!) but not the detail in the disk…


Now, I’ve checked my sensor and while not spotless at that aperture any dust spots would almost be invisible and it wouldn’t explain the “atmosphere” around the disk .

So, my question is, have I unexpectedly captured the detail of Jupiter’s surface or do I have a single cell amoeba floating about in my camera body?

PS, I know, I missed my focus…




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