I can promise you, that when I was stood in the bar at Bristol airport on Sunday morning drinking a pint at 10 am and thinking, “that stag party’s more pissed than I am, I hope they’re not on our plane…” I had no idea what the next few days were going to yield…


They weren’t and the yield was phenomenal. Amsterdam delivered, yes there was the girls and yes there was the funky smell that invoked memories of a life more chilled but there was so, so much more  of which I’m sure I’ll post over the coming days but for now, I need to share the highlight of my short stay. The World Press Photo Exhibition a thought provoking and emotional poke in the chest for those of us who live out our comfortable lives with our first world problems…

Really, these photographers are in a league of their own and whilst nature is just red in tooth and claw, these guys show that Humanity is brutal, kind, cruel, caring, selfish, generous, Ignorant and here’s the worst, arrogant!

I only spent an hour looking around the exhibition, I could easily have spent a day and when it comes to Edinburgh, I think I just will.


Click on the link above and if it’s in your part of the world at some point over the coming months, please, go see…

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