Yup, the horse has gone…. Shut that door!

I know it’s a bit late in the day (read year) but I had a bit of a thought while I was out and about in the recent snow and ice. I say a bit of a thought, actually it was a Robin less than a foot away giving me an icy stare that said “Where’s the fuckin’ protein human?”

DSC_1881and I realised I’d missed a trick. Sure, everyone know how hard wild birds have it in the winter and loads of people leave food out in their gardens and have fat happy birds (for the record we’re not one of them due to the fact that if we did the only fat and happy things would be the cats…) but what about the bigger picture. We are at the arse end of winter and out in the wider countryside the larder is well and truly bare, the berry’s have been stripped, event the horrid orange ones, the insects have the audacity to remain in hibernation / egg stage and the best seeds are the ones that fall from a Big Mac bun a spotty teenage is cramming into his fat spotty face in the local McDonald car park (yes we have those in the countryside too, I say countryside… Does Frome count?)

Thing is, who the hell goes traipsing to god knows where in the depth of winter? Landscape Photographers, that’s who. So maybe in the future, make a little bit of room in your kit bag and throw in a bag full of peanuts (not salted but not so sure on honey roasted) or a of a tub of mealworms, sunflower seeds or the like and maybe leave a little something for the little guys who supply us with our soundtrack while we’re out and about…


PS, yes, I know winter’s over and now we’re technically in Spring but these guys have to get their best kit on and go strut their stuff… And build nests and shit so I’m sure every little bit will help.



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