Manual 365/358 At Last…

All year I’ve had one shot stalking about in the back of my mind and today… I got it!DSC_6468.JPGI know it’s been done a million times before but they’re different, they’re not mine. This one is. I’d gone down to the beach earlier and watched as the outgoing tide exposed a shard of rock. At first, I thought it was just the tip of a much larger boulder but when I managed to get close and give a kick it moved and I think I squeaked! Then I got my gloves wet, moved it to just inside the breakwater. plunged it into the sand and retreated to a safeish distance, 13 seconds at 66mm, f/16 and ISO100 and pop! ;o) The D3300 is a bugger for focusing at low light but this is bang on! This blogger is one happy bunny!

Peace Peeps! xxx


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