Manual 365/349 Skid Mark…

dsc_5403-pano-editI thought I knew how to drive… I was wrong! And the funny thing is, so was everyone else! I throw two tonnes of metal up and down the road (mines the one in the middle) every single day and it took a day spent people who really know how to drive and their perseverance, with the occasional head slap, to make it clear that it’s not the 99% of time that matters, it’s the 1% when it all goes to buggery that kills you!

Tip for today, it has bugger all to do with photography. If you drive a car, please think about taking a day out to see what happens when everything goes wrong. I promise you, it will open your eyes…. And if you are a photographer, the basalt tiles in the skid pan offers up some great reflective opportunities!

dsc_5397Mahoosive thanks to Steve (with a PH) and his crew for one of the most eye-opening, practical, shit gets real courses I’ve ever been on!

Peace Peeps! x



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