Manual 365/348 Neo-Bean…

I was going to do a post about gear, about how you can spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on things that apparently make your photography better and the fact that if you shop about a bit (go to Amazon) you can get things so much cheaper if they don’t have Nikon or Canon wrote on them…

I was going to demonstrate this by getting a shot using all of my (cheap from Amazon) accumulated gear from this year and a tiny little figure that appeared in the bottom of the washing machine.

It all started well, I connected my off camera flash to my remote trigger and set it to one side to reduce the red eye. I then inserted my 35mm extension tube between my camera body (Ok, that does have Nikon written on it but stay with me!) and my Ebay bought for a hundred quid 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (That has Nikon written on it too, I am such a jibber!). I was shooting handheld so didn’t need my wired intervalometer / remote trigger so I set it aside. And what did I get for this budget set up? dsc_5286-editI got a dead-eyed, snaggle-toothed (and I would hazard a guess) right wing bean… With feet… That’s what I got…

Worth every penny!

Mein Kampf…aaart! Peeps!


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