Manual 365/345 Some Days Nothing Works…

dsc_6408-panoSo it’s a good job I’ve got quite an extensive back catalogue.

Today’s tip, go panorama, my favourite method is handheld, choose the far left of the scene you want to capture and relax, take note of the details in on the far right of the frame and click. use the markers in the viewfinder to keep the camera level and slowly turn to the right until the details you had on the right-hand side are now on the left and repeat as before. Most cameras have a panorama setting which is handy but I think most of them revert to Jpeg when taking shots using this method. Personally, I prefer the versatility of shooting RAW (details coming up soon) and editing in Lightroom, there’s a merge option but if you get above 3 images it’s better to use Photoshop.

I will elaborate further in a future post.

In the meantime, today’s shot is from Chesil Beach earlier this year.

Peace Peeps! x


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