Manual 365/338 Don’t Mention Ophiuchus…


Moon conjunct Venus Because this aspect aligns two “yin” energies, it’s not one of those aspects that defines a person, but the characteristics are there, even if they’re in hiding! Every conjunction is modified by any planets that aspect it, and with Moon-Venus, perhaps even more so, as both the Moon and Venus are receptive energies and easily modified……..”

Oh, please do be quiet and just enjoy the reflected photons! Mars is at 10 o’clock too. Shot in Stourhead gardens this evening, a “over and under” Panorama of two 15 sec exposures.

If you really want to see the source of the quoted passage you can find it here

Ok, I’m kidding and I’ve never realised how much Carl Sagan sounded like Agent Smith from The Matrix… As for the quote, just Google Horoscope bullshite!

Peace Peeps! x



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