Manual 365/323 Don’t Believe The Hype…

Well, here we are again, the time of year where massive multi-billion pound corporations bombard you with stories of loneliness and loveliness to guilt trip you into buying stuff from them but this is not about that.

One in particular has got my goat though and today’s shot gives me the chance to have a bit of a rant… dsc_1682

The 2016 Waitrose advert  would have you believe that the little Robin is quite a plucky, adventurous little chap, facing adversary on his long travels but being friendly enough to share his Waitrose Best Plumb and Mince Pie with his jolly chum at the end of it… Truth of the matter is, Robins are sedentary birds with small territories which they guard jealously and this fellow is more likely to peck out the eyes of any interloper than feed him! But hey ho, why let a bit of fact get in the way of a fluffy, nice story!

And, while I’m in this nice forgiving mood, take a look at this,

it’s well worth a watch.

Peace Peeps!


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