Manual 365/310 The Beautiful Game

Now, I’ll admit, I have never been a big football fan, ever. It’s not a fact that I don’t like football, I used to play when I was a lad… In goal and I was shite! ;o) But that’s another story.

Today I took a bit of time to watch the local team, Mere Town F.C. Home Of The Moon Rakers (Reserves) play Wareham Rangers F.C. and I’ve got to say, my first foray into sports photography was interesting, difficult and rewarding… And bloody cold!DSC_0966.jpgThe challenges were; shooting long I used my 50-300mm at full tilt and the shutter speed had to be fast enough to freeze the action, so 1000th sec or faster and then I had to adjust the ISO for the conditions and play. dsc_0699The Sun was kind but every now and then the shadows across the field and the odd cloud dumped the histogram far to the left and the ISO had to hit the thousands. But, on the whole, I got over three hundred shots of the game and I don’t think there are any that are unusable. DSC_0662.jpgSo the crowd goes wild!… As For editing… I shot everything in manual (Because I’ve got to) Next time it’s going to be shutter priority with Auto ISO.

And yes, the Ref needed glasses!

Peace Peeps!


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