Manual 365/292 *Sighs* Have You Learnt Nothing…

So, One of the things I have been longing to photograph are Red Kites, they’ve become prolific around the Chilterns and Buckinghamshire and have started to migrate West. They are most definitely a success story as far as reintroductions are concerned. I, on the other hand, was not very successful , when I happened across a very unlucky and very dead pheasant in the road just outside Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire circling above were five Red Kites and a Buzzard (both species are extremely lazy birds of prey and mostly rely on others to do the killing bit)


I managed to pull over safely not too far away and attach my 50-300mm, adjust my exposure compensation to +3 stops to catch the colour in the bird underside against a featureless sky and fire away…Unfortunately, I forgot to set my shutter speed to match or exceed my focal length, 200th sec against a 280mm and 300mm shot (I know, it gets complicated with crop factors ect. but I just use it as a rule of thumb and to be honest my D3300 auto focus is good but not spectacular!) as a result there is some camera shake that makes the images a little blurry but I do love the detail which was helped by the exposure compensation so not all bad! ;o)

dsc_8460Peace Peeps! x


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