Manual 365/287 Landscape’s Broken, Here’s A Funky Snail…

DSC_8064.jpgThe following passage was on this page after I’d eventually got the kids to bed after a discussion about my Nan, The First World War, Albert Einstien, Adolf Hitler, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Oliver Cromwell…

Hello Dad, i hope you know that I love you and that you are a great father. Now that we have the mushi stuff outta the way i would like to tell you how you need to get on with this blog and stop reminiscing about wars that happened 58 years before you were born. get it done or the angry man above will get angry^. stop letting your daughter boss you around!!!!”

It’s all been a little bit strange tonight! And the angry man (Now below because the funky snail is the star)?


Sorry Nigel!

Peace Peeps! x


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