Manual 365/285 Mini… Mininunin… Miniimminmul… Just A Little Bit!

If there’s one thing I really love about this challenge it’s the different styles of photography that’s out there. Sometimes I’ll see something on Instagram, 500px or even on Facebook and think, I can do that… Or more often, I’ll try and have a go at that. dsc_7472-edit-2I’ve always loved minimalist black and white photography and this morning offered up the prime, non-long exposure opportunity. Early morning, a still lake, mist and a Great Crested Grebe.

A 10 stop ND filter is most definitely on my wish list for Landscape and Cityscape shots but it wouldn’t do any good with a wildlife shoot unless you nailed your subject to a branch. That tends to be frowned upon and the flying feathers cause motion blur anyway. So, all in all, really proud of this shot! ;o)

Shot at Sheerwater, just outside Warminster in Wiltshire this morning.

Peace Peeps! x


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