Manual 365/281 @lensshark … I’m Sorry!

dsc_6761Sorry Fella, I know it’s overdone but not by me, and you know what? It’s a real pain in the arse to  get it right, fumbling about in the dark with flammable liquid is not fun… so I’ll think I’ll put this in the done and dusted pile and move on… dsc_6757This was my first ever try but I wasn’t quite so keen on the composition.

Disclosure: No fires were set and full head of hair was maintained.

If you don’t already listen , Sharky James is the host of the Petapixle Podcast and an absolute star! You can follow him on Twitter too and he responds!

Tomorrows’ shot will be a couch in a field shot from between rail tracks… NEXT!

Peace Peeps!


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