Manual 365/278 Humbled…

A very good friend and supporter of what I’m doing offered, last year, to model for me… It’s taken me this long to actually build up the courage to take her up on the offer. She has featured in my blog before but in a more formal setting and where me fumbling with my camera filled up most of the time.

We had more time this time… and wine! ;o) And, what better setting for an artist that brings life back into old wood that a 1000 year old oak.dsc_6509Judge Wyndham could well be spinning in his grave but, hey, who cares! dsc_6516-editThank you so much Tanya, for your support and for allowing me to capture you on this beautifully still evening! dsc_6492

You can find Tanya amazing work here

And more shots from the shoot here

Peace Peeps! x


10 thoughts on “Manual 365/278 Humbled…

    • Thank you. I used a soft box and stand, we were, I say we, I mean Tanya was lucky, it was a warm, still night. She was totally amazing! x

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