Manual 365/262.5 It’s The Little Things…

Ok, I’m back, I was lazy earlier and that’s not good enough! Also, it’s spider season in the UK at the moment so I know some won’t like but the opportunities offered are endless!

Normally that means a couple of large (in UK terms) horny and increasingly cold house spiders trundling across the carpet dodging well-aimed slippers, trying not to fall into baths and generally giving those with the phobia a good old dose of “What the F**K, he waved at me! Kill it!!! KILL IT!!! You missed you arsehole, burn the house down!” But there are others, take the Money Spider for example, just a couple of millimeters across but zoomed in close, enough to cause nightmares! Especially to the wasp (not the yellow and black, bastard kind but the little parasitic sneak in and eat your young tiny kind) she’s caught and trust up for later!dsc_5317-editLike I’ve said many times before, It’s always happening, you’ve only got to notice it!

Peace Peeps! x


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