Manual 365/254 What Is Egg Shaped?

Every week for the last month or so we’ve been getting half a dozen eggs delivered by Father Christmas in a Landrover (Sorry Les, but you do look like Santa) and then, every Saturday morning I revel in the fact we have fresh, real free-range eggs to have with our bacon! Don’t get me wrong, shop bought eggs are, in most cases, nice. But these eggs take it to another level, maybe a double yolk (Dancing around the kitchen with that one) always a nice thick, shaped white and the thing I love most? The irregularities within the box. each egg is almost a story and this morning was “She’s trying her hardest!”DSC_4578-Edit.jpg In another place top left would have been rejected, discarded before it got to the “Best Before” date stamper, but it was was my choice and it didn’t disappoint.dsc_4585

And, just for the record, I am a real snob when it comes to cooking eggs, be it fried poached, omelet or scrambled. If you can’t do it properly then learn how to or just don’t…(That’s a rant to the Premier inn chefs who have disappointed me on sooo many occasions!)

Thanks Chuck and Peace Peeps! x


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