Manual 365/247 Good Morning!

To those of you in the UK, if you were awake around quarter past 6 this morning and heard a high pitched squealing emanating from the West, I apologise, that was me not containing my excitement as the sun rose…DSC_4225I couldn’t sleep so I decided to squeeze as much time as I could out of this wonderful place and went down to the beach to get yet more long exposures. I wasn’t expecting this…DSC_4228Oh, and if you heard another noise about 10 minutes after the first, that was me getting my foot wet trying to get back to shore, the tide can catch you out if you’re not careful. So, two lessons learnt this morning.

    1. Stay aware of your surroundings
    2. Get up early and get out there.

Techy bit on the photos:

The first, 18mm@ f/22, 2 sec ISO100. I have used the brush tool in lightroom to bring down the exposure on the sky slightly and the second, same as the first apart from shutter speed was upped to 1 sec,  basically as shot with a tiny bit of tweaking.

Have a great day.

Peace Peeps! x


2 thoughts on “Manual 365/247 Good Morning!

    • Thank you! 😉 right time right place this morning. It’s rained nonstop since half hr after I got the shot!


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