Manual 365/239 The Ultimate Camera

Guess who’s got extension tubes…DSC_0984-Edit.jpgFor those who don’t know, you can buy extension rings that move your lens away from the camera and in turn reduce your focusing distance. So, my 18-105mm lens has a focusing distance of about 12 inches at 105mm. (I know, imperial / metric, make your bloody mind up!!!) If I add a 20mm tube that distance decreases to “Dad! This is scary!” Close! The trade off though, and there’s always a trade off, is that your depth of field reduces too, down to mm so any movement after you’ve focused could take your subject out of focus and blurry. (use back button focus, it helps!) Yet another challenge that I’m going to relish! ;o)

Thanks Kayleigh, for supplying the eyeball!

And this blog is dedicated to my wonderful mum who’s celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday Mum, thanks for all that you do! xxxDSC_1010.jpgOh, and just a word of advice, don’t by the £7.99 tubes from Amazon, they don’t work. Spend another 20 quid and get a set with electronic connections and aperture ability. I was being a tight arse and wasted 8 quid on tat! I have now corrected the error! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x




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