Manual 365/235 The Hangover…

Not the normal hangover, though I did have a bit of a thick head when I woke up this morning (It’s just too easy to sup when you’re editing / blogging) but the one where you’ve exposed yourself to some many wonderful sights, situations and shots over the weekend and then the cold light of Monday morning slaps you in the face like a wet kipper!

I’ve been chasing landscapes, sunsets, HDRs and even using a short tripod to get a different angle on something familiar all to no avail… But, something did save the day, my iPhone light, my van keys and a key ring that my son bought me when he was at the Euro Space Center earlier this year. The Solar System etched into a block of perspex using lasers…Workaround (12)-Edit.jpg

He’s been away at Cadet camp for the last week and a half and I’m missing him! So, this one’s for Reece!

Pwew Pwew Peeps! xxx


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