Manual 365/233 Freddy Does Glastonbury…

I had a conversation last week that went a little bit like this…

“Wow Fella, that is a great mask.”


“Photos, in Glastonbury, next weekend, sound good?”

“F**k yes… Why Glastonbury?”

“Because they get it down there and if they don’t, they will!”

… And they did, boy, did they get it!DSC_9963DSC_9868.jpgA mixture of Street, portrait and… shopping!DSC_9928

A huge thank you to me old mate, Wayne DSC_9983.jpgfor supplying the costume and balls (not those ones, they’re for a later date!) and to the people / visitors of Glastonbury for being great.

I’ve uploaded the rest to Flickr there’s a shed load.

Wayne’s day job is Caricature drawing and he’s a bit good! Check him out here and if you want Freddy, you can find him in your dreams

Peace Peeps! x



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