Manual 365/222 Oh, Just Somebody’s Bogey…

Slightly rushed blog last night due to the sudden lack of electrons. So I made the best of the dark time to head up onto the hill to get some long exposures of a gloriously clear, star filled sky…DSC_8193.jpgWhich, this evening, has lead to a conversation with the kids about Universal Expansion, heat death of the said universe (It’s coming folks and there’s nothing we can do about it!)  Huge photons and the possibility that our universe resides within a discarded bogey within a much larger universe. Now, that would have been a strange ending to Men In Black!DSC_8189-2.jpgTomorrow we’re going to talk about Quasars, Worm holes and the infinite depth of the barrel Dad’s got to scrape for the funny titles for his blog! (It’s so red-shifted it’s only visible to Mick Hucknalls hair)

That’s Entropy Peeps! XXX


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