Manual 365/217 I’ve Developed Bad Habits…

Scuttling off into the distance at the first sign of a decent golden hour is one…


Handheld Panoramas is another….DSC_7871-Pano-EditBut hell, when both shots are less than 10 minutes apart and a couple miles from home, it’s got to be done…

1st is one on one @ 42mm, f/8.0,1/250 sec stacked and cropped looking across the Deverills’ from the A303 at the top of Charnage Hill.

2nd is one on one stacked @ 105mm, f/11, 1/125 sec and then 3x side by side (edited in Photoshop, Lightroom can’t handle the size, it’s a 871mb file in RAW export from Photoshop FFS!) Of my home town, Mere in Wiltshire.

I do have plans to pull away slightly from the landscape, occasionally. But I’m not going to waste the time of year!

And one day I’ll print off full size, that’s going to be interesting! Until then…

Peace Peeps! x


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