Manual 365/215 The Busy Cobbler

It’s been grey and wet all day, almost like a dry (wet) run for the coming winter when I’m dreading the thought of trying to fill my blog with anything other than rain sodden scenes and dull grey skies.

I stopped in Bradford On Avon this evening on my way back from work, surely there’ll be something among the architecture and river that I can use but the light was flat and the normally golden Bath Stone looked drab, even in black and white. As I dodged my way back through the rush hour traffic (Horrific at the best of times in this town) and squeezed between the passing cars and the dark exhaust stained walls I noticed a little cobblers shop, door open and smells of leather fixer and pear drops overpowering the fumes from the cars. I stepped through the door,

“Would you mind if I took a photo?” I asked the guy, still busy at his work at nearly 6 in the evening.

“Of course not.” Came his cheery reply.

And Click!DSC_7736-EditA quick thank you and I was off back out into the dull grey with a solution to the grey days to come (step into the small) and a re-established feeling that, no matter what, if you look hard enough, the shot will always be there.

D K Cobblers, Bradford On Avon. Thank You!

Peace Peeps!



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