Manual 365/213 The 19th Hole….

Has given me a very, very, very fuzzy head.DSC_7522-PanoBut I’m not complaining.

A great weekend has been spent fluffing shots, loosing balls and drinking way too much beer! Celtic Manor is amazing and the Third on the Montgomerie Course is the prettiest hole I’ve ever played.DSC_7477.jpgAnd the view across the 2010 is a little bit special too!DSC_7488-Pano.jpgAnyway, this blog is dedicated to Mr and soon to be Mrs Huntington, thanks for the opportunity to hack my way around a great course, twice! And the other 8 pissheads and not forgetting Goldie and his Archers and lemonade…

Also, here’s to toughened safety glass in the club house!


Peace Peeps!


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