Manual 365/196 I’ve Edited A Monster…

DSC_5810-Pano.jpgThe Worshiper of Mono crops, The Stacker of Photos (6 in all aka Pano et Pano) the User of Editors and the Manipulator of Worlds (well, just a bit in light Room… and Photo shop… and Nik Collection)…

He relies on the skies aboveDSC_5801-Edit.jpg

And more skies, still above…DSC_5803_HDR.jpg(actually, same sky, different position and process but he still has this thing about mono crops, barley being his favourite but will make do with wheat tonight, it was late and he was running out of ideas)

First; Looking south from my favourite spot, up and down panorama x3 merged Lightroom and then imported into Photoshop to create a into a left to right panorama, Raw file with layers is 750mb. (That’s the monster, not me honestly)

Second; looking North West, the Sun was setting just to the left of shot and reflecting off of the high weather cloud and vapour trails. Edited in Silver Efex 2.

Third;  Nik Collection HDR Efex composition of the same sky from a slightly different angle 3 shots at different exposures and I see a swooping thing with a skull… And mono crops… Isn’t pareidolia a wonderful thing!

I had bugger all at 8pm so I consider this a save! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x



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