Manual 365/185 AhhhhOooOOOAAAHaHHHHHh!!!

Saturday mornings back in the 1970’s always consisted of getting up early, switching on the TV and watching the echos of the Big Bang in the fuzz until programs started at about half 6, Tiswas and Swap Shop didn’t start until 9 so the BBC or HTV used to fill the first couple of hours with repeats of Zorro, Batman And Robin (When they used to wear proper pants over their tights) and, my favourite… Tarzan! Looking back on it the racial stereotypes and misogynistic attitudes were appalling but this was a time when any Scotsman in the comics I read were called Hamish (Tiger) and all German Soldiers were “Hun” or “Krauts” (Victor or Warlord, take your pick) and my sister read Mindy or Twinkle Thank god I discovered 2000ad and eventually Vertigo. Times have indeed, thanks to reason and sense, changed!

And the reason for this wander back across the decades? Tonight’s shot was a long exposure of a waterfall near home, it wasn’t that spectacular so I had a bit of a fiddle with it in Silver Efex and the result reminded me of those old episodes I used to watch as a boy.


Pass the loincloth! ;o)

I did try a moody atmosphere too and it was a hard one to call but sentimentality won out.


Peace Peeps! x




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