Manual 365/173 Cheating Mother Hubbard!

Now, I have to admit, this is the past me pre writing my blog because I know that tonight (Tomorrow night in this world) I’m going to have trouble posting, be it down to tinternet or copious amounts of beer or just being worn out because of a strenuous day at work … I’ll let you take your pick. But, because the blog is so important to me and I was fortunate to get another shot I like yesterday (today) I’ve had the sense to write the blog last night (tonight) and save as a draft so all I’ve got to do, in my exhausted state, is press the button.

And voila… The Somerset Monument!

DSC_3164-Edit.jpgErected in memory of Lord Robert Edward Henry Somerset bit of a handy Fella at the Battle of Waterloo apparently and dominating the landscape on the edge of the cotswolds in Hawksbury, on the Gloucester / Wiltshire border.

Past Peace Peeps! x


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