Manual 365/172 Strawberry Moon Forever!


When I first heard of the Strawberry Moon I thought that scampy little scouser, Paul Mccartney is up to his old tricks, splashing his cash about just so he could sing out of tune to an occasional occasion (see the olympics for reference)  but apparently it’s a full moon that rises as the suns sets on Solstice and it being a leap year today is actually the right day. the last time it happened was in 1967 (I bet he had something to say about it then too!) It’s red colour is because it’s low in the sky so is effected by the atmosphere and the reflected light is redshifted but that’s not the reason it’s a strawberry moon, we have the Germans to thank for that as it always coincides with the strawberry harvest in that neck of the woods.

Not my best shot of the moon and the clouds were not playing nice but hey, happy Solstice Peeps and if you are at Stonehenge in the morning, enjoy, don’t get in my way on my way into work and pick up your litter!

Peace Peeps! x


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