Manual 365/165 Isambards’ Box!

I knew that the traffic in Bath this evening was going to be a bit of a bugger so I shot off the long, but quicker route, unless you stop to get some shots that is…

I’ve been meaning to get some distant shots of Box Tunnel for months now and tonight the light wasn’t too bad although the sky could have been better but the opportunity to stop safely and take a bit of time was there so…

DSC_2850.jpg And there it is, or so I thought but on closer inspection when I got home and actually studied the photo I realised I had got a shot of the entrance to a much smaller tunnel on the lead into Box tunnel which can been seen, just, above and to the left of what I will now call Plastic Bag Tunnel. Oh, and it’s not true that the sun shines directly through the tunnel every year on the 9th April, Mr Kingdom Brunels’ birthday. That said he was still a very clever bloke…

And, just for the sake of it, here’s a cheese shop in Bradford On Avon.


Peace Peeps! x



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