Manual 365/148 Chickens Don’t Have Nipples!

There I was, sat at the PC desperately trying to think of something to write about Malmesbury and Rhododendrons when my son pips up and starts on about Moobs and why do men have breasts? I informed him that he’s lucky enough to have pecs, his father on the other hand, after copious amounts of the wrong food and too much beer, has some rather impressive Moobs.

I then pointed out that a characteristic of mammals are mammary glands both in the Female and Male. I was just about to change the subject when he interjected; “What about chickens? They have breasts and they’re birds not mammals!”  And as I pointed out the difference tonight’s blog title was born….

And now I need to say something about Malmesbury…

It’s just about in Wiltshire and on a hill… Don’t trust the Commoners though, they’re probably descended from textile men… And don’t mention Tetbury…DSC_0318-Edit-Edit.jpg

And a little further south there’s quiet lane (it actually says that each end) just to the west of Oare complete with a botanic garden full of Rhododendrons and exotic trees. It was glorious!

The Pink Pearl!DSC_0327.jpgIt’s not advertised, it’s not signposted. It’s just there, complete with name plates for plants and well looked after.

I love this county and I love this time of year!

Peace Peeps! x


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