Manual 365/146 A Hares Breath

There were a number of subjects I hoped to capture during this thing that is my blog and a Hare was pretty close to the top of that list. Today I managed to tick that box but first, I need to give a bit of a back story…

At this time of year my job kind of pulls back out of town slightly and because of that, sometimes, the call of nature becomes more than some attractive conker trees and requires a visit behind a large (I’m dressed in bright orange so it need to be a large one…) hedge. I should really take more attention into who’s watching…

DSC_0280Now, I will admit that I didn’t actually have my camera with me at first but within 3 shakes of a… Puppy dogs tail (Pulp Fiction reference) and a bit of creeping out the field and lens swapping and running back and some more creeping I found him where I’d left him.


Peace Peeps! x


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