Manual 365/143 Up The Downs…

I often find myself thinking, how many shots have I missed in my life before I started carrying my camera around with me all the time?

Take today for example, a long walk with my daughter, her armed with my old Fugi film brick (she got so many better shots than I) and me with my trusty Nikon, the sky was amazing, changing minute by minute, the landscapes, glorious but familiar and already way over used to on here so I needed something else, just a moment. We puffed our way up the 750ft climb that is “Going up the Downs.” A phrase that used to induce giggles with my long dead Nan every time it was uttered. Once up and recovered we turned left along the Roman road that runs along the summit. A little further on there was a graggle, yes that is the word for the collection of middle aged men playing with their radio controlled gliders, their sensible vehicles all parked along side the track. The weather had threatened to break so unfortunately all of the gliders had been landed and the graggle was scuttling back towards the dry interiors of their cars. We carried on, knowing that the midway break was just a mile away and the promise of Lemonade and a pint. As we rounded the corner and began our decent I couldn’t believe my luck!

DSC_0151-Edit.jpgThe Viking was coming, treading in the footfalls of his predecessors as they marched across these same hills , along these same tracks. Them, towards Alfred and his army. This one, with a glider in the back and the hope of no rain! Just for the record, the picture gives no sense of how steep or rough the climb is. Fair play Fella!

And, because I can’t resist…

Rain Over Duncliff


The walk turned out to be nearly nine miles and “K” has retreated to her bedroom and I’m here, typing this nursing my poor, slightly stinking feet! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x


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