Manual 365/142 The Best Beard In The World… Period!

Winter rainy days are so full of gloom, a vaccum sky; sucking at the drab, dead earth.

Spring rainy days on the other hand promise so much more. OK, the light’s shite and no matter where you go it’s not going to relent and offer up any good shots. So maybe look a little closer to home (like just outside the front door…)

Bud!DSC_0057-EditI have managed to scout some good locations for the future though and also spent a bit of time editing:

The Best Beard In The World… Period!DSC_6903-Edit-Edit.jpgA completely random guy walking past us when we were sat outside a bar in Portugal back in February, I thought his shots had been deleted but while I was rummaging about in me archives I rediscovered him. He’s a British guy and the beard is 100% natural!

Off out for a walk in the morning, My Daughter now knows what the Golden Hour means so we’ll be leaving home around 6ish (we’ll see!)

Peace Peeps! x


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