Manual 365/141 It’s A Male Thing…

C19H28O2 Otherwise known as Testosterone, turning grass into muscle and Robins into scrappers for millions of years…
DSC_0013-Edit.jpgDSC_0012-Edit.jpgI was always under the impression that if you were going to put a bull in a field you put him in on his own or you put him in with two other bulls what you never do is just put two bulls into a field because they’ll scrap and two tonnes of grumpy, competing  bull can cause quite a bit of damage both to themselves and the county they’re in. These fellas seemed to be getting on just fine and I only counted the two and me and they weren’t at all uncomfortable…. I made my excuses and left though…

Meanwhile a little further down the road this little bugger had been scrapping. DSC_0036.jpgHis challenger was nowhere to been seen and could well have been lying dead close by, Robins can be nasty like that. Just after I took the shot he burst into song, I would guess to re-establish his authority over his little corner of the world.

Isn’t chemistry wonderful?

Peace Peeps! x



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