Manual 365/140 The Death Of The Mayfly And Counting Pines…

DSC_0099.jpgI’m sad to announce that Brian the Mayfly (Pictured) passed away earlier today… Probably. And judging by the amount of wooden plaques displaying house numbers in Trowbridge the Counting Pines in the area have already met their Reaper Man!

Flies on the other hand were copious in number, especially for some reason on a particular fence near Semmington,

DSC_0053.jpgThere were loads of them, all just sitting there like some Blowfly / Bluebottle convention.

And finally today, I can see a pattern developing here;

The Ermine Moth Caterpillar DSC_0030-2.jpgOnce again, a fair few of them too! These guy’s aren’t so cuddly though (not that the flies are…) and the hairs that cover their bodies can cause quite nasty rashes.

I know tonight’s blog could well make a few shiver but, personally, I think they’re great!*scratches*

But, just in case it’s not your thing, here’s a blue eyed horse… DSC_0015.jpgSpotted somewhere near Bradford On Avon.

Peace Peeps! x




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