Manual 365/129 Oh, I Say, It’s Rather Warm Out! Fetch Me My Pareidolia Darling…

An English stately home always offers a lot and one only a couple of miles away on a lazy Sunday is even better!

DSC_3281If you turn right into the narrow dead end lane just after turning off the main road for Stourhead you can park, free of charge, and take a gentle meander across the local cricket field (sadly no play today but noted for the future) and the grass meadow that used to be the old ground when my father used to play and you reach the gated fence in front of the house. If you’re happy to pay there is an entrance to the gardens or house but if you swing a left as you get to the road you can walk through the stable yard and walled gardens towards the main carpark at no charge. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay, I’m saying it’s nice not having too! ;o)

For Kayleigh DSC_3294.jpgShe’s been wanting me to get a purple tulip with Bokeh and there’s a plethora of them in the walled garden.

Zeals Knoll From Across The DromeDSC_3242.jpg
Take from here

And the Pareidolia?

The Three Hundred Year Scream DSC_3266-Edit-Edit.jpg
There is a tree on the side of the cricket field that looks dead. Gnarled knots, lightening struck many times and bone bare branches but as you get closer you see there is life, a little bit later than the surrounding trees but there all the same.


And from now on, my favourite tree!

Peace Peeps! x


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