Manual 365/98 Sponsored By Crabbie! Bert The Crab to Be Exact…

There is an age old tradition that I’ve married into, the sport of Crabbing. My wife, her mother, her Nanny and most of her family have been doing it for years. And my daughter loves it! So it looks like the tradition will continue.

Me on the other hand had a good old wander around the harbour. Padstow is a vibrant, busy fishing harbour and there were a number of trawlers in dock. and one of them “J-SEA” (Do you see what they did there?)  was being worked on.DSC_1891.JPG


DSC_1887 (2).JPG

I’ve been to many harbours around the UK most of them mere shadows of the bustling places they must have been back in the day. Padstow is geared towards the tourist, it needs to be, but it’s good to see some of our once great fishing fleet up close.

And also some other (Feathered) expert fish catchers.


And as for the crabbing we caught one, Bert! He was a big’un though. To be honest, there’s not a great deal of crabbing places in Cornwall which meant the world and his wife descend en mass! And there were, most we’ve ever seen, and I expect the crabs, being the intelligent causations they are, get sick to death of bacon and being dragged out of the water time after time to spend a couple of hours in a bucket being poked. Unfortunately I did bugger up the shots of his run to freedom but as I’ve said in the past, this blog is for good shots and bad. So…

A Blurry Bert!



Real shame, he was shot from the floor but I forgot to keep my finger on the focus button to track him.

And a few other shots from today.



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Peace Peeps! x


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