Manual 365/96 Cheeky Sod!

Hmm, Tinternet is playing up somewhat! I was expecting problems but when you pay 25 quids for a weeks worth of access you don’t really expect too many issues… We’ll see how it goes today.
We got to Tintagel and it looks just the same. We didn’t go down to the castle as the bay I used to go to is just north of the village and is actually called Bossiney Bay. Access was down a very narrow, very steep “footpath” that has been carved into the cliff edge, originally it was used by farmers collecting seaweed from the beach to use as fertilizer. Once we got to the bottom I’m glad to say it was as glorious as I remember! The tide was right out so we had complete access to the beach. (When the tides in you can only get to the bottom of the steps that access the beach.) Unfortunately I’ve blown most of the beach shots, they will be usable but I will need to carry out some post before they’re on here.

But, all is not lost, there was another photographer on the beach doing a model shoot. Now I would hazard a guess that to shoot someone’s shoot is a bit on the cheeky side but hell, it was a public beach, I was using my new lens so was miles away and I like the candid-ness of the shots.



One thing I do know is the amount of kit he has is going to be a right bugger to get back up the cliff though!


Elephant Rock, I don’t know if that is actually what it’s called or if that’s what my Nan christened it… I really hope it’s the latter.


I have also spotted our next holidays transport… Sandie doesn’t seem so keen though…


Peace Peeps! x


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